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1 November 2010

Difficult Turdus in the botanical gadens

Today in the early morning the botanical gardens held a small flock of Turdus thrushes. One was a male Japanese Thrush, whilst the other four, all females or first-year birds, were seen too badly to be identified conclusively.

Also present were 1 Taiga Flycatcher and 2 Orange-headed Thrushes.

At lunch, Falk and visiting birder Roland joined Simon to try and sort them out. We only re-found one of the confusing Turdus, but got very good views. Roland also took some good photos (pictures will follow the next days). We think that this is a first-winter female Grey-backed Thrush because it has a dark brownish bill (with no yellow or orange). only faint spotting below the streaked breast and weak orange flanks.

We also saw a Dusky Warbler.

Falk and Roland also found 2 interesting bush-warblers which were most probably Manchurian.

Other birds seen near the banyan included a 1st cy Mugimaki Flycatcher and a possible juvenile Green-backed or Narcissus Flycatcher.

Also there, 1 Taiga Flycatcher and 1 Eastern Crowned Warbler.

Simon and Falk 1/11/10

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  1. Time to come back to Hanoi it seems...