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2 November 2010

Botanical Gardens - Chestnut Bunting, 'Green-backed Flycatcher', Manchurian Bush Warbler, Sulphur-bellied Warbler

Hi all,

This morning Simon and me tried to relocate yesterday's challenges - thrushes, bush warbler and flycatcher.
After finding the juvenile female Grey-backed Thrush we moved on and quickly found the presumed elisae-Flycatcher (Narcissus Flycatcher, for the lumpers amongst us).
Pictures were taken later today and some research based on internet (OBC-Images, birdskorea.org) suggest juvenile female Green-backed Flycatcher.

Images give an idea of the bird only. Very helpful are the notes on identification of Narcissus Flycatchers

The bush warbler showed itself after a while and gave good looks - Manchurian Bush Warbler!

At around 10am a bunting was seen feeding on the ground at the opposite side of the pond near the big banyan tree. It had a yellow, unmarked belly, a very obvious pinkish-rusty rump, streaky back , a white moustache, a grey beak and while feeding on grass seeds showed some habit unknown to the observer: It stretched its neck and let its wings hang down. On OBC there's one image of a male Chestnut Bunting indicating this habit


The combination of features led to Chestnut Bunting.
The bird took off after 15 minutes or so, being flushed by a Red-eared Slider(!) not to be seen again.

At lunch Simon found a Sulphur-bellied Warbler.

Other birds of note included 2 Taiga Flycatchers, 1 female-type Black-naped Monarch, 1 Asian Brown Flycatcher and 1 Orange-headed Thrush plus 1 more possible bush warbler near the toilets.
Grey Wagtail and Common Kingfisher put in an appearance, too.

What a Tuesday!

Simon, Falk

Edit: Forgot to mention
4 Olive-backed Pipits and a bunch of Palm Swifts and (Germain's) Swiftlets soaring overhead.

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