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6 April 2016

Sightings of Jerdon's Bazas in Hanoi

On the morning of 6th April while I was out searching migrant birds 10km west of West lake (Hanoi), I chanced upon a pair of Jerdon's Bazas landing on a tree nearby and got stunning prolonged views of them. Subsequently one maybe two other birds were sighted in the same area. I also spotted the same morning 1 Brown-breasted Flycatcher (my second one this spring, 1st one on 29th March) and 2 Orange-headed Thrushes, among others.

Amazingly, at the same time, 15 km away from here, at the well-known Red River Island, Tom saw also one Jerdon's Baza! He had also 1 Northern Boobook.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me. I think I'm going to regret this a long time, especially for the Bazas which were sighted at exceptionally close range.

Jerdon's Baza is a scarce and (apparently) irregular passage migrant in Hanoi. Previous records (that I am aware of): 12th April 2011, 22th October 2011, 20th December 2011. 
Brown-breasted Flycatcher and Northern Boobook are rather scarce though regular passage migrants (recorded almost every year). Orange-headed Thrush is not uncommon in spring and autumn. 



  1. It seems I missed some great birds on Wednesday! I was too depressed to return to the wood at the northern end, as a lot of the trees have been cut down since Saturday, so I focused on different areas of the island. Here is my report for the week: http://domthebirder.com/2016/04/07/weekly-report-red-river-island-hanoi-april-1st-7th/. I would love to add my sightings to this blog, and thank you for letting me know the password, but I can't see where to log in. Let me know! Cheers, Dominic.

    1. Yes Dominic, please add some of your sightings to the blog. If you cannot login, please send me your post at sebastiendlngl40@gmail.com, I will post myself.
      Thanks again and good luck!