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2 April 2016

Short-eared Owl - Passage migrant in Hanoi

A Short-eared Owl found by Tom on 2nd April, I relocated it few hours later. A great bird that is rarely seen in Vietnam (or maybe just under-recorded due to the lack of people checking suitable habitat at the good period of the year).

This is my third sighting in Hanoi, the 2 first ones in November 2011 and 2012, always in the same habitat: large sandy areas along the Red River, seasonnally flooded, with sparse vegetation.

Some buttonquails's hunters tried to catch it for the pot. Between the guns, the traps, the mist nets or the slingshots, the avian world in Hanoi - and unfortunately almost everywhere in Vietnam - is under constant attack.

Met the same day Dominic who found a female Japanese Robin in the wooded patch at the northern tip of the Red River island! Hope he will be posting on this blog some of his records.

Scaly Thrush, on 3rd April - better shooting conditions today after fog and heavy overcast over the last few days which made photography under tree covert almost impossible
Scaly Thrush is an uncommon but regular passage migrant in Hanoi


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