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12 April 2016

Hanoi: Noctural Roost of ca 25 Migrating Serpent-eagles

On  April 10th, while checking on early morning a quite large wood in the suburbs of Hanoi, I flushed many roosting Crested Serpent-eagles. They were disseminated everywhere in this 10ha wood, often 2 or 3 birds close to each other. Around 9pm I counted ca 20 birds in the air, in 2 flocks. Subsequently I flushed 3 other roosting individuals. I estimate at ca 25+ the number of Crested Serpent-eagles that have spent the night in this area close to the city center.  Just a small patch of forest in an ocean of inhospitable agricultural fields and agglomerations. This wood seems to be a very good stopover habitat for raptors. Last week, I had 3-4 roosting Jerdon's Bazas there also.

Other raptors seen above this wood included 2+ Chinese Sparrowhawks, 4-5 Grey-faced Buzzards, 8 Jerdon’s Bazas high overhead.

Crested Serpent-eagles (different individuals) forced to wake up early - not bad after all, the area is not really friendly...

Adult Chinese Sparrowhawk and Grey-faced Buzzard (typical silhouette with quite narrow, pointed wings).

 2ndcy male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher showing an interesting transitional plumage.

Grey-throated Martin
Resident at Hanoi, breed in vertical banks along the Red River

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