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22 April 2012

Red River Island - Hanoi

A thirsty Black-napped Monarch, ready to jump in this small well!

Forest Wagtail, swaying tail and body from side to side

Not easy to find this little fellow on the ground

Morning stroll today at the Red River Island - the main wooded area + some gardens around farms - revealed still good flycatcher passage with 1 Mugimaki, 2-3 Asian Brown, 1 Taiga, 1 Black-napped Monarch.

Other notable migrants include 3 smart Forest Wagtails together, a shy Oriental Cuckoo, some noisy Ashy and Spangled Drongos, and a cracking male Blue Siberian Robin.

Spotted also a Black-winged Cuckooshrike devouring a Praying Mantis, and a... Blue-winged Minla ! (A good candidat for our long list of escapees)

Asian Brown Flycatcher - "Hm hm which fly I am going to choose ?"

Mugimaki Flycatcher

Ashy Drongo with a bee

Oriental Cuckoo, difficult to tell apart from the Eurasian C. The plain undertail-coverts (no bars) help me to clinch the ID (tell me if I am wrong)

Black-winged Cuckooshrike with a Praying Mantis

Male Taiga Flycatcher in summer dress


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