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9 April 2012

Botanical Garden

I met with Wayne this morning to sort out our Fanispan trip this weekend (anyone want to join?) and look at some birds.
Lots of Phyllos around, I was never good with these, and addtionally a bit out of practice, but these ones I thought to have IDed:
Yellow-browed Warbler
Pale-legged W.
Eastern-crowned W.
Two-barred W.

A glimpse of a Taiga Fly and a female flycatcher with plain back and orange breast near the toilets, which I think was a f. Hill Blue, but Wayne may paste photos later and you can look yourself.

Also a Burmese Shrike.


EDIT: Here are some images from this morning. Firstly the female flycatcher (Hill Blue???). Would love a confirmation. Wayne

And is this a Pale legged leaf warbler???

1 comment:

  1. No one to confirm those ID ?
    So I do it : YES ! Pale-legged Leaf W. and Chinese/Hill Blue Fly ! Great pics !