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20 February 2012

Weekend birding around Hanoi

I managed to spend an hour on the Botanical Gardens on Saturday. The only bird of note I saw was one female Fujian Niltava. I could not find our Crested Goshawk. The birds on the pigeon island were not all clustered together in defensive formation as they were last weekend, when I was there. On the other hand, there were several workmen on the island cleaning it, so that may have had an effect, to keep the raptor away.

On Sunday I opted to walk up the Red river. As I photographed a nice butterfly (sorry), a lovely male Bluethroat landed about 5m from me. The act of slowly rolling around with my camera spooked it. I saw some of the most yellow Citrine wagtails I have seen and a few Red throated pipits, along with all the birds you usually see here. One highlight was a Snipe that I spooked. I have no idea what species. As it flew away the back half of the wings near the body appeared a clay-yellow colour, if that helps with ID...

At a friends house just next to West Lake, just prior to this, I saw the Warbler in the images below (in the hedge right next to a window, so I should have had better shots than this. LOL). I thought it didn't look right for a yellow-browed warbler, so posted the images and a Hume's Leaf Warbler was suggested. Can anyone confirm, as this would be a new species for me.

Wayne Hodgkinson


  1. Where did you post it? I'd like to follow the discussion. This bird looks more like a Hume's to me but I'm not 100% convinced as I find a lot of the Y-broweds to appear very dull at times, and best way to clinch ID is hearing the bird anyway.

    But yes, this looks indeed more like a Hume's.


    1. Hi Falk

      Posted here(http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=223243). As these are my last few months in Vietnam, I am super keen to get out birding, especially beyond Hanoi, if you are ever keen.


  2. Sure, are you up for the island on Sunday morning (-ish)?

  3. Always. No camera (lens) at mo, so just out looking. You have my mobile number, to hook up a time...

  4. OK, I'll drop you a text...