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29 January 2012

Hanoi Botanical Gardens

I quick walk around this morning with the little guy with only the usual sparrows, magpie-robins, ground pipits, fantails and tailor-birds. I saw the guys in the images below, as I was walking out, which saved my morning.

The blurry images of the first bird showed purple on the side neck (which I did not notice in the field (no bins), so a female Fujian Niltava. I did not make out any neck colouring at all on the bird in the second image. It took me about 8 more hours to realize that it is (I think) the same species - I think we may have two female Fujian Niltava in the HBG.



  1. I think it's the same bird Wayne
    The white gorget and the blue-neck patch appear/disappear depending on the position/movements of the head...

  2. Hi Sebastien

    It could be the same bird if, after I walked past the first bird, it then flew around in front of me without me seeing it do so. The second bird did appear to be acting differently too. One was sitting on tree branches, the other on the ground feeding then in tree, then on ground. I am not so sure... but guess we may never know.