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31 January 2012

Agricultural fields - Hanoi

Noon photo stroll at the Red River Island - I focused on the cultivation - produced some interesting birds, the "highlights" being :

- 1 flock of 15-20 Grey-capped Greenfinches
- 1 Siberian Rubythroat male
- 1 Bluethroat male
- 1 Pied Harrier male
- 1 Wryneck
- 1 flock of 3-4 Little Buntings in a dry corn field - almost at the same place we saw some individuals in March 2011
Those pics of Bluethroat could have been good... Unfortunately, in the morning, I tested the highest ISO settings of my camera (which is a "bridge", not a DSLR) and I forgot... to change them before going in the field. Those 2 photos suffering a common malady, called "High ISO noise".
Big deception because this guy was not skittish at all, and allowed me to approach less than 10 meters.
With its solid blue/black/red throat/brest, this male is still in breeding plumage. It's quite strange, we are in January !

Grey-capped Greenfinch - In flock, easily identifiable by their twittering call

A Plain Prinia... yeahh

A stunning butterfly flying in the cold air of the terrible Hanoi's winter

A tiny orchid found at the edge of the woodland. Is there a botanist among us ?


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