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10 December 2011

Late Mugimaki Flycatcher - Hanoi

Spotted this Mugimaki Flycatcher as I was drinking coffee near West Lake. This bird is interesting for two reasons. First, it is a late migrant. Second, it is a 1st winter male (my first sighting). It looked mostly like a female but : greyer overall impression especially head(conspicuous in the two first photos, taken from a short distance), brighter orange breast-throat, white supercilium behind the eye (still faint compared to the male adult, but distinct), tail with white base.

Sorry for the pictures quality, but it is winter here now (the ones who live or have lived here will understand...).



  1. Hi Sebastien!

    It is me Hung Le. Do you plan to come back the Grass Owl place? I would like to follow you as I want to do some researchs on that Owl and It would be nice for me to monitoring those nests. Can you give me your cell phone numbers? My cell phone is 0903294862.

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you again soon.


    Hung Le

    P/s I have taken a photo of Pied Avocet at the beach near to Xuan Thuy NP last two weeks (just one bird).

  2. Hi Hung !

    I plan to visit again those nests in mid (the first one)/end (the second one) january, when chicks will be more than 2 weeks old. Maybe they will be much older (probably), but I don't want to bump again into eggs - or even very young chicks.
    Who knows the impact of these disturbances ? When I flush an incubating bird at 11am, will it come back on the nest after one hour... or at dusk (now it's cold as you know) ? Honestly I have absolutely no idea about that (and you guys?), so prudence is better !


  3. oups, I forgot; my phone number is : 09 04 79 54 24.
    Hen gap lai !


  4. I agree - better stay away from the nesting sites, now that we know these birds are there and actually breeding! Also, it's getting very cool now and you certainly don't want to draw too much attention to the site (which doesn't mean that no one should be birding there). I think it is a good idea to let our fellow birders know about this site and raise awareness. But then again you certainly don't want to have egg collectors going there, so maybe people should just contact you, Seb, if they have a strong interest in seeing the birds...
    My 2 cents worth it,

  5. ... egg collectors or photographers ;)