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25 December 2011

Red River Island - Hanoi 25/12/2011

Short noon stroll at the woodland of the Red River Island produced few birds - most notably :

- 1 Barn Owl
- 1 Thick-billed Warbler
- 1 Bradypterus Bush Warbler (with spotted throat. B. thoracicus? )
- 1 Rufous-tailed Robin



  1. Hi Sebastian,

    After discussing this post with James Eaton we've come to the conclusion that this bird is a Grass Owl. Are there any Barn Owls in Hanoi? Can anyone get a good photo of those Tyto that hunt rats at night in the city?


  2. Hi Simon,

    I was certain it was a Barn Owl, because of its pale coloration at the summit of the head (brown for the Grass Owl).
    I think we all have spotted at least one time Tyto owls at night in Hanoi (me : in the Lenin Park), but I never thought it could be something else than Barn Owl. I can`t imagine a Grass Owl hunting in the middle of the town, but why not !
    Now, we know that this species is breeding at the Red river Island (5 fledged chicks, it is official !)...


  3. Hi Sebastian,

    Great to hear the good news on successful fledging from RRI!

    We identified it as Grass Owl based on the long unfeathered tarsi and a wing pattern that looked identical to your other photos as Grass Owl.

    I also saw Tyto regularly in Hanoi, often from my apartment alongside Truc Bac lake, which is only 1km from RRI... I just assumed that they were Barn Owls, but unless someone can prove that there are Barn Owls in Hanoi then I'll always have doubts.