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18 March 2011

Red river/Hanoi - 18-3-2011

I took advantage of "better" weather for a short walk along the Red River.

All the usual suspects were seen, the more notable birds spotted included 1 Long-billed Plover, 1 Kentish Plover, 3 Temminck's Stints, 20-30 Barn Swallows.

Also at least 3 nesting pairs of Little Ringed Plover (using the "broken wing" feint), 1 chick seen. Watch your steps !

Long-billed Plover. As you can see, the plumage show a significant change (compare with this picture here, taken 2 months ago) : now complete dark breast-band, dark forecrown-band, thin yellowish eyering.

with a Little Ringed Plover

(and don't forget to read the last post of Falk below this one, from today too)

1 comment:

  1. Hi all,

    Great photos again from Sebastian!

    Now that the LRPs are nesting lets try not to disturb them (I know that the number of birders using this area is much less than the other people...) and view the waders, pipits and wagtails which use this channel from the island itself. The photos won't be as satisfying because we'll be looking down on the birds, but the views will be fine for ID.