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20 March 2011

Confusing flycatchers at Lenin Park

I spent a couple of hours walking around Lenin Park on Saturday morning (March 19). I caught glimpses of several birds with no time to ID or photograph including a flycatcher as blue as the back of a kingfisher and something the size and colour of a scaley thrush, scratching around in the mud, but which flew off quickly, rather like a bat.

Anyway, I did take the following photos of a couple of interesting flycatchers, which has lead to more confusion. The first two images (same bird) look (more) like a Hainan blue and the third image appears to be either a Mugimaki or a female Hainan blue. I have posted on birdforum, but there is no consensus there either (yet). Anyone able to narrow this down more???


1 comment:

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Based on your descriptions I would guess the the blue-backed bird could have been a male Blue and White Flycatcher and the thing that looked and behaved like a Scaly Thrush was probably a Scaly Thrush - there's really nothing else like them!

    As for the photos, the male Hainan Blue Flycatcher is definate, while the female bird is harder. I'd plump for female Mugimaki mainly because to me it has the feel of a Ficedula more than anything else, and it seems to have some white wing bars. But, it really isn't wise to base the ID on a single photograph so I understand why there has been some debate about this.