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20 February 2011

Scaly & Grey-backed Thrushes at Botanical Gardens

After a slow and damp start, all the usual suspects came out to play. Just before I left, some movement caught my eye. It was a pretty friendly Scaly Thrush that slowly made its way towards me as I hid behind a tree. After a while, the Grey-Backed Thrush flew out of a tree to join it. It was a nice end to the morning!

Scaly Thrush

Grey-Backed Thrush


  1. Nice photos Wayne!

    It seems like there's quite a bit of thrush movement now, that Scaly Thrush is new in and so is the Grey-backed - last weeks bird was a female.


  2. Fabulous snaps. I had one of each of these at Cuc Phuong this morning Feb. 24 and yesterday, but no Pale Thrushes...