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16 February 2011

Grey-backed Thrush in the botanical gardens

A good morning in the botanical gardens today with:
Grey-backed Thrush (female)
Japanese Thrush (male and female)
Eye-browed Thrush (male)
Chinese Blackbird (four)
Ashy Drongo (one)



  1. What day is "today"? Or perhaps I am too dense to detect where the date is marked on these posts. I was at the Botanical Gardens yesterday (15/02/11) and must have seen some of the same birds. As it turns out I had been in touch with Florian about birding in Dalat and he said I should feel free to do a guest post or two here. So I'll put my birds up from yesterday and maybe the regular Hanoi birding community will correct any errors...

  2. I was in there on Sunday morning and was most of the usual suspects, and
    * Taiga Flycatcher
    * Orange flanked bush robin
    * Grey headed Canary flycatcher
    * ??? Blackbird

    How do you distinguish Chinese blackbird from Eurasian blackbird, as that is what I thought the blackbird I saw was???


  3. Hi Wayne,

    Chinese Blackbird = Eurasian Blackbird, if I may say so (me=lumper):-)


  4. Come on Falk they're huge! Totally different shape, alarm calls differ and I'm told so does the song. Those massive blackbirds are one of my favorite birds in wintery Hanoi!


  5. I stopped being lazy and googled for differences in these two blackbirds. Is a good list of distinguishing features at http://www.birdskorea.org/Birds/Significant_Records/New_Birds/BK-NB-Chinese-Blackbird.shtml I will check my photos tonight, but after reading it, I do think I have seen both in Vietnam