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28 February 2011

Red River Island - Hanoi

Hi all,

A wander around the Red River Island yesterday (29th February) produced a nice selection of birds including a flock of 6-7 Red-throated Pipits, 1 Peregrine Falcon, 1 Wryneck, 2 Black Bulbuls (white headed race), 1 Light-vented Bulbul, 1 Grey-backed Thrush, 2 Black-shouldered Kites displaying.

Sébastien Delonglée

Spring is finally here. For those Black-shouldered Kites, it's time to start re-thinking about serious things...

Red-throated Pipit, the second pic showing well the streaked rump.

All the birds showed a whitish throat, a warm brown head.


  1. Hi Sebastian

    The two Black-shouldered kites have been there all winter, but have been very difficult to approach. Nice shot. I was also there on Sunday, albeit briefly. We keep crossing paths. Will meet one day...


  2. Hi Wayne

    Yes, not easy to photograph those Kites ! They stay all year, there is also an another pair at the northern tip of the island which have try to reproduce last year, but failed; I don't know the reason.
    I think the best strategy for good pic is to build a hide in front of one of their favorite perches.


  3. Hi again

    I have just imported a 3D camo net for this purpose and would be keen to build a frame there, over which we could drape it, (or a full hide) to try and get some good photos. Interested???

  4. Please note: It's not very easy to successfully twitch Sebastien, generally very secretive, hiding in his nest at the northern tip of Red River Island...

  5. Also, whilst temporary photgraphy hides are a great thing, I would be wary of putting up anything more permanent on the island - it'll only get used by bird shooters (the kind with guns not cameras) when you aren't there.



  6. Hey Wayne
    I`m interested of course, just need to find the good tree.
    If u want to twitch a skulker birder : 0904795424. I have also a second nest at Lenin Park.


  7. Simon is right, a permanent hide is not possible there.
    Indeed it could be use by hunters. And also because it will disappear very quickly. I have one bad experience like this. Pfuiiiit, everything has volatilized after 2 days...
    Build a permanent and discret wood frame is enough.