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9 September 2016

Hanoi: Fairy Pittas still there

Five days after being found, the 2 Fairy Pittas are still hanging around. Today I installed my hide few hours near the hides of Hoang and fellow photographers - many thanks to you! Had fantastic views at close range. Hey guys, everyone spotted them, everyone got sharp shots from every angles, maybe it's time now to stop feeding them and let them go. They have still a long way to go and the area is not really safe - poachers roamed around.

Some other migrants seen around: Hainan, Mugimaki, Hill/Chinese Blue, Brown-breasted, Yellow-rumped Flycatchers, 2-3 Black-naped Monarchs, 1 female and 1juv. male Siberian Blue Robin, 1 Spangled Drongo (singing), 2 Brown-chested Jungle Flycatchers, 1 Little Cuckoo-Dove (seen and photographed by Tuan Tran) and 1 Malayan Night Heron - the two latter in all likelihood are first records for the city.

juv. (bill flesh-based) Amur Paradise Flycatcher


  1. Very nice bird(s) and very good call, Sebastien! As exciting as it is, don't forget the animal's welfare over a few admittedly splendid photographs.
    All the best from Australia!


  2. Hi Falk, longtime not hear from you !

    You know that among local bird photographers baiting birds with mealworms - and also using playback (for pittas, laughingtrushes notably, ad nauseum sometimes) - is a wide-spread practise. I have no objections to feeding birds with mealworms, but not on breeding birds and not in excess.
    I remember a story about a migratory Hooded Pitta found at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Photographers were observed actively baiting it with mealworms, constantly for at least three weeks!!!
    I think that feeding can modify the birds' behaviour and make them more susceptible to poaching (in Hanoi, you know the situation…). And a 100% mealworms diet is certainly not the best one, especially for a migrant…

    Checked the pitta’s site today: 1 pitta at least still there, but no photography hides anymore, good! The guys here are responsible bird photographers, they respect their subject, I am happy with that.

    Hen gap lai!


  3. Oh, Nice shots. Tmr Im going to post full infor about these rare migrators.
    Actually, I didnt see Pitta yesterday. They are gone.

  4. Quelle nature magnifique. Vos clichés sont juste grandiose et d'une qualité qu'on ne peut critiquer !
    Thanks so much an looking forward to reading about you and your birds.