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4 September 2016

Hanoi city: four BC Jungle-Flycatchers... in one patch!

Hello all fellow birders visiting or living in Hanoi ! Autumn migration of passerine birds is well underway, so dust off your binoculars and check out our scrubby/woody patches - yes, I know, almost all have been destroyed... And post here your sightings!

I (Sebastien) observed some passerine movements from the beginning of August with 1 Forest Wagtail on 5th, 2 Yellow-rumped Flycatchers on 11th, 1 Tiger Shrike and 2 Amur-Paradise Flycatchers on 17th, some Phylloscs - Eastern Crowned, Arctic, Claudia's-, 2 Asian Koel on 25th, 1 Hodgson Hawk Cuckoo on 27th etc...

A late morning visit today (4rd September) produced some excellent birds around Vinh Thuy Bridge, in the area called Vườn nhãn Vĩnh Tuy (Lytchee orchard of Vinh Thuy bridge), the more notable species were 4 (!) Brown-chested Jungle Flycatchers (2 adults, 2 juv.) and 1 Brown-breasted Flycatcher. Also 10+ Amur-Paradise Flycatchers (with among them a nice white morph male), 1 Crested Goshawk, 1 Chinese Blue Flycatcher, 2 Hainan Blue Flychachers, 2 Forest Wagtails, Tiger and Brown Shrikes (one each), 1 Hair-crested Drongo, 4 species of Phylloscs - Claudia's, Eastern-crowned, Pale-legged, Arctic...,

When I started working the patch, I encountered quickly my first Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher, a juvenile, and 10 minutes later an adult. Wow.. 2 BCJF, I was very happy! Later, I bumped into 2 juv. almost side-by-side, so 3 BCJF, wow..wow... And finally, 2 adults were spotted in the same area, bringing the total number to 4 - the same day and in a small patch of scrub, amazing !!!

1cy (lower mandible partly black, tertials buff tipped) Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher
 Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher is a Hanoi specialty- never been recorded elsewhere in the country! Cross Vietnam unnoticed, except by ardent Hanoi's patch workers! 

Adult (lower mandible entirely yellow) Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher

Adult female Amur Paradise-Flycatcher (Terpsiphone incei)

Amur Paradise-Flycatcher (same individual as above)

Brown-breasted Flycatcher

Male "Asian Paradise-Flycatcher" white morph (T. incei?) without the spectacular long central feathers.

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