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18 May 2014

Hanoi Migration

Hi all,

Here’s some shots of migrants seen the two last weeks at Hanoi. The star was this rarely seen white morph Asian Paradise Flycatcher. Unfortunately, this bird only allowed me a couple of hurried shots before it disappeared.

But the show will be over soon. It is now time to chase dragonflies, my favourite summer activity!


 Asian Paradise Flycatcher race incei

 female Yellow-rumped Fly bathing. Very hot now...

 Black-browed Reed Warbler


Taiga Fly in summer dress

Dark-sided Fly


  1. Lovely photos Sebastien. Have fun with those dragonflies.


  2. Hi Sebastian! I am a bird watcher as well! I will be moving to Hanoi in July. Do you have any recommendations for good places to go bird watching? Anyone with any suggestions can email me at Caitlinekiska@gmail.com