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10 May 2014

Bar-bellied Pitta nest in Cuc Phuong

Hi all,

I had been heard the call of Bar-bellied Pitta in a tree in Cuc Phuong on April 26th when i was leading a group but i did not have enough time to find it. To day, i come back to same place, i played back a call and it responded in the tree but i could not see it. I tried spotting all around and found a hole in the tree about 5 meters high, i looked carefully and i saw a small green thing at the bottom of the hole, it's not look like bird but it was a head of a male Bar-bellied Pitta. I found it at 10.45 about, put my hide and camera inside, waiting till 16.30 but it is still at the nest. It is incubating. I took a pic but very poor light and not close enough for my camera. I will observe them again and take pics when they feed babies.

I will come back.

Bui Duc Tien - tienpitta@gmail.com


  1. Great find Tien! Look forward to hearing more.


  2. Really superb shots - can anybody help me I am on business in Hanoi and have a free day to go birding if you can oblige I am Malcolm on malmcdonald2@aol.com