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2 February 2013

A Black-headed Bunting visits Hanoi

Some nice winter visitors seen recently in fallow fields along the Red River, HANOI:

Little Bunting, photographed on a very rare sunny winter day!
Not an uncommon wintor visitor in the Hanoi area (cultivation, fallow fields, scrubs).
Generally in small flocks, but 100-200 individuals seen few days ago.

Amongst a flock of Little Buntings I spotted briefly an another Bunting, larger, with a warm pale brown overall color pattern and no obvious streaking. I failed to clinch the ID but fortunately, I managed to get some distant shots before it disappeared.

The pale buff underparts showed a light yellowish wash and no obvious streaking. The underparts were a bit darker and showed a light streaking on the mantle and crown, obvious buff fringing to the median and greater coverts. The bill was long and relatively heavy.
All of these features strongly suggest that this bird was a Black-headed Bunting - in any case that is the only one which match in my Robson (2005).
A scarce vagrant in Vietnam with just a handful of sightings (1st record in 2006, at Hanoi also).

1st winter Pied Harrier - I saw it catch a large grasshopper.

Black Drongo enjoying its Deluxe perch ! Perfect for winter.


  1. Another great record Sebastien ... I am just boarding the flight to Hanoi now!



  2. Thanks Richard,
    ok please come here I wait you. But you will have to stay 3 days and not 3 hours !