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5 December 2010

White-tailed Robin in the city

Hi all,

Productive afternoon (Sunday 5th December) in the Botanical Garden, with some different migrants/winter visitors showing up.
The best being 1 impressive bullnecked White-tailed Robin male, 1 Grey-backed Thrush male 1st winter, 1 Taiga Flycatcher, 1 Orange-flanked Bush Robin female.

The Orange-flanked Bush Robin, with a big tumor on the head.

Please use settings 480p for best quality.

Have a look here : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDELONGLEE (other videos of this funny Robin)



  1. Hi all,

    Went to the botanical gardens before work today (7/12/10) and saw Sebastians two ill birds, plus one healthy Bluetail and a couple of Japanese Thrushes.


  2. Hi Simon

    2 ill birds ? Do you think my sumo-Robin was ill ?
    I think on the contrary it was very healthy and tonic. Plump bird for sure, but ``rất khỏe``.

    But I can`t explain why it was so fat and confident with humans. An escapee ?


  3. Looks quite deformed to me too...

  4. The sumo-robin is certainly not right. Whether it came out of a cage or not we will never know. It's strange appearance could be the result of an infection which it caught in a cage, or it could just be a deformed wild bird.