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3 December 2010

Red River Island / 03-12-2010

Hi all,

This week, I focused on the small forest of the Red River Island. I tried to shoot Manchurian Bush Warbler(s), but it's almost "mission impossible".

Apart this skulker, I saw :

- 1 strange White-rumped Shama male with a short white-edged tail, which make me VERY confused, you can imagine. Very secretive bird, I had to build a blind to get a decent pic. Well, I think it's this species, what else could it be ?!
- some Dusky, 1 Radde's, 1 presumed Two-barred, some Yellow-browed, 1 Pallas's Leaf (photo below) Warblers

- 2 Grey-headed Canary Flycatchers
- 1 Siberian Rubythroat male

- 1 Seicercus Warbler

- 2 Red-billed Leiothrix

- 2 Black-shouldered Kites

- 1 Accipiter sp

- and 1 stunning female Barred Buttonquail on the way back, crossing quietly the trail and a cabbage field

I wish all of you good birding !


1 comment:

  1. Hi Sebastien, good to see more of your fotos! great shots of the Buttonquail!
    I guess the Shama is an escapee that lost some of the tail feathers...
    Cheers, Florian