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15 March 2015

Spring passerine migration has started!

12th March 2015 - This Hainan Blue Flycatcher made a stopover at Hanoi during its northward journey
Low-light conditions- I snapped away, the camera set to 3200 ISO and I was still only getting shutter speed at about 1/100 ! Seventy photos taken, most of which were blurry, very blurry... except two LOL!

15th March - Asian Stubtail. A species I usually spotted on autumn passage.
Hopped around, rarely fully in view, before flying a short way... Heard at the same place (a 1ha open wooded area with dense undergrowth) a singing Pale-footed Bush Warbler - a very good bird for the city (altitudinal migrant I think).

So that's it - passerine migration has begun. Interesting times ahead in the few remaining Hanoi's wooded patches!


  1. Nice photos Sebastien,
    I had some shot of Hainan Blue and asian Stubtail from Baida Song Hong 2 weeks ago too. There was a flock of Japanese Thrushes, a couple of marked laughingthrush (heard), 3 red-billed blue magpie...
    This week I've been in Thanh Tri and saw some Verditer Fly, and a flock of Ashy Bulbul...
    I still looking for Asian Paradise Fly, hope they'll be here for some next weeks

    1. Thanks Hoang, you should post your nice pictures here ;)

      Asian Paradise Fly is a common passage migrant, both in autumn and spring... so don't worry
      Concerning your flock of Bulbuls, it is more likely the Light-vented B., common in cultivation/scrubs around Hanoi in winter. Ashy B. is a forest inhabitant. The 2 species look very similar.

    2. Ok tonight I'm going to send you some photos that I managed some recent weeks.
      And about Light-vented bulbul, I'm going to double check it. Thanks to let me know :)