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24 September 2014

Some recent pix - Botanical Gardens/Hanoi

Migration in full swing. This week, birding in the city (mostly at Botanical Gardens) was enjoyable but unspectacular, the best being Ashy Minivet, Asian Brown, Dark-sided, Taiga, Yellow-rumped, Verditer, Blue-and-White and Hainan Blue Flycatchers, some female Cyornis unidentified (banyumas or glaucicomans), some leucogenis Ashy and Spangled Drongos, Yellow-browed, Eastern Crowned, “Blyth’s”, “Arctic”, Sakhalin/Pale-legged, Sulphur-breasted Warblers, 3-4 Asian Paradise Flycatchers (of the migratory race incei, with blackish throat contrasting with the grey breast and belly), Burmese Shrikes, 1 Thick-billed Warbler, small flocks of Black-naped Orioles, 2 Black-naped Monarchs, some Seicercus Warblers sp (cf Bianchi’s), 1 Forest Wagtail, 1 Sparrowhawk unidentified.

Hope to find soon something a little more unusual than all this stuff - which is not so bad after all!

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  1. Hello! I am a bird watcher and in Hanoi as well! If youd like to go out sometime please shoot me an email at CaitlinEKiska@gmail.com. Good luck and enjoy your weekend.