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18 February 2014

Destruction of Grass Owls and their nest near Hanoi, Red River

I am finally prompted to post information on a Grass Owl nest along the Red River, Hanoi, following the earlier post this week from Sebastian.  I visited this site on 2 November 2013 and found a Grass Owl nest wish six young, flushing both adults in the process.  I revisited the nest on 21 December and found the nest empty but flushed both adults which were roosting nearby.  Given the size of the young on 2 November and that this species requires two months to fledge they could not have all fledged successfully by 21 December.  So I strongly suspect the nest was robbed either by humans or another predator.  On 28 December I returned to the nest site again and photographed three youths armed with long sticks in the immediate vicinity.  As I approached the nest site they immediately left.  I am sure they were there with intent to kill the adult Grass Owls.  Nearby I photographed people cutting grass and presumably preparing the site for planting with bananas.  Jonathan C Eames


  1. ohh I am so sorry to hear!What ashame!
    those beautiful grass owls!!
    Beautiful photoes though and well done.greetings Norway

  2. There is a saying about the people of southern China (and it works for those of northern Vietnam) that they eat anything with four limbs except tables, anything that flies except aeroplanes and anything that swims except ships.
    The saying is not entirely true but most people there certainly see birds firstly as food, secondly as pests, thirdly a possible medicine and fourthly a valuable pet...