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15 July 2013

Pheasant-tailed Jacana breed in E.Tonkin!

Hi all,
I took these pictures in Van Long in early July. I could not find any nest yet but they all have long tail. So, they breed here, right?

Bui Duc Tien - Freelance guide on bird watching and photography:  tienpitta@gmail.com

Cheers all!


  1. Hi Tien,

    Maybe I am wrong but to my knowledge, Pheasant-tailed Jacana is a known breeding species at Van Long - and one of the most famous with Bonelli's Eagle.
    Nice shots and thanks for warming up the blog during these difficult summmer months !


    1. Hi Sebastien,

      Hope this is a way to get in contact. I'm Pepper Trail, a Fish & Wildlife Service ornithologist 5 weeks through an 8-week posting in Hanoi. I tried to register on this site, but seem to be listed just as a "follower." Anyway, I'd love to talk Hanoi-area birding with you. My fairly diligent birding efforts have been quite discouraging (I know, it's the worst time of year...), but with a few highpoints (for example, Brown Fish-Owl and at least a dozen Oriental Pied-Hornbills on a cruise of Halong Bay this weekend). The best email for me is: ptrail@ashlandnet.net. Looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps getting together. Cheers, and thanks, Pepper

  2. Hi Tien,
    Finally you confirm this one specie for here, 555
    That i said """"Hey...Tien look like Pheasant-tailed Jacana (my country Thailand many of them)
    You said """ no not here
    I said """ stop a car please for check
    You said """ Oh..yesss that him
    I said """ 5555