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5 May 2013

Birds of Ngoc Linh NR, Kon Tum province

Hi All!

It was greats for me to do the field survey at Ngoc Linh NR, Kon Tum province this spring, producing many chances to see the birds in breeding time. Please enjoy some of the photos. I have to divided in to several parts. The first photo of Golden-winged Laughingthrush will be at the end...

Part 1. Woodpeckers:

1. Greater Yellownape.

The nest of this species is about 40 m high.

Male outside of nest

Female outsite the nest

Start exchange the position 

Male get in nest

Female get in nest

Male in nest

Female in nest

They were exchanged three to four times/day and start at about 6 am.

2. Rufous Woodpecker

Female M.b. annamensis

Male M.b. annamensis

3. Stripe-breasted Woodpecker



It was first thought to be the Spot-breasted Woodpecker with the red stop at mid-crown but It is the immature male of Stripe-breasted.

To be continued 

Hung Le


  1. Great series of woodpecker pix Hung, now bring on that Golden-winged Laughingthrush ...



  2. Chieu cau ca nay hay day. Kieu muon nhanh thi phai tu tu phai k?
    Thoi tiet luc do qua dep phai k? Ma thuong anh sang trong nam tot hon ngoai Bac nhieu.