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13 April 2013

A nice surprise at Tam Dao

In life, sometimes the best things come when you least expect them to. In birding also...

The 12th April, during a dragonfly watching trip on the lower slopes of Tam Dao (near Dai Lai lake, 60 km northwest of Hanoi), as I was walking along a rocky stream in forest, I saw a yellowish passerine landed on a rock in the middle of the stream (probably for bathing or drinking), then flew off to a nearby tree. I put my bins on it and was more than happy to see a male Narcissus Flycatcher, a bird I have long dreamed of seeing.

Definitely an unexpected surprise finding that bird, especially during a non birding trip when I was concentrated on little bugs flying close to the ground!

I waited one hour and half and got 3 other good views of this guy – fortunately I had with me my 400mm lens. What an absolute stunner, my bird of the year so far!

male Mugimaki Flycatcher, photographed in the same area than the Narcissus

And a list of some migrants seen the first week of April in my Hanoian patches (i.e. Red River Island RRI, Botanical gardens and some orchards) :
Black-naped Monarch, many species of Flycatchers (Taiga, including some fine males, Mugimaki, Hill/Chinese Blue, Hainan, Asian Brown, Asian Paradise, Yellow-rumped, Grey-headed Canary), Ashy and Spangled Drongos, small flock of Crested Buntings (RRI, reeds), Seicercus Warbler, Thrushes (Blue Whistling, Japanese, Grey-backed), Chinese Blackbird, phylloscs (Arctic, Dusky, Yellow-browed, Pale-legged, Eastern-crowned, Radde’s), Pied Harrier, Red-throated Pipit (RRI)...

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