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24 March 2013

Tam Dao - Water Tank Trail / March 23th

Hi all,

After a long time, finally some news from Tam Dao (not a lot though): singing Chestnut and Black Bulbuls, flocks of Silver-eared Mesias, Indochinese (or Chestnut Collared) Yuhina, White-bellied Erpornis, one tame White-browed Piculet, one Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Collared Owlets, Large Hawk Cuckoos and Golden-throated Barbets were calling, Grey-cheeked (Schaeffer's) Fulvettas were very obvious as usual, 2 small feeding flocks of Short-tailed Parrotbills with Yellow-bellied Warblers and Golden Babblers, few Scarlet Minivets, 1 male Fork-tailed Sunbird, Red-headed Trogon (heard), 1 Streaked Spiderhunter, one Treepie sp (heard only, Grey or Collared), some Spot-necked Babblers, 1 Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher, a group of Grey Laughingthrush heard...

No migrants were seen... but the spring migration is well underway (as I can see in the Hanoian parks).

And a good news to end with : the annoying Park "ranger" has gone! Good riddance to him, he was so negative and greedy.

Streaked-breasted Scimitar Babbler in bamboo forest

White-browed Piculet

This guy tried to hide itself, but it does not work with me :))

Short-tailed Parrotbill, one of the Tam Dao specialities.
Did not get a clean shot, better luck next time !

Golden-throated Barbet

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