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27 January 2013

Moustached Laughingth​rush in Hanoi

Hi all!

Just getting this Moustached Laughingthrush's photos in my garden within Hanoi 2 days ago. I have checked again yesterday but nothing there.
Can any of you give some comments on it? This bird may be an escape one but the possibility it's occurence in northern Vietnam is also high as it is recorded in south China.

Best regards!

Hung Le


  1. Hi Hung,

    This is an incredible record. Congratulations! Although this is the first record in Vietnam I have no doubt that it occurs in the far north-east at least, since it occurs right up to the border in China. Whilst it is impossible to determine whether it is wild or an escape the condition of the tail feathers looks really good and so does not indicate that it has spent time in a cage. Since this has been the coldest winter in China in 20 years it might have been pushed south, like the Slaty-backed Flycatcher.


  2. Genuine vagrant or not, unfortunately we will never know.
    This is a sedentary species, so the chances of a genuine bird are, in my humble opinion, slim.
    But one thing is for sure : this a stunning beast !

    Chúc mừng Hung!


  3. I'll retract me earlier comments and say that it is probably an escape, given than laughingthruses can barely fly. All the same, my first comment is at least proof that I have become ridiculously optimistic!

    Good luck finding it up there in the far north Hung!


  4. Simon, you are just suffering the Rufous-headed Robin-in-my-garden Shock Syndrome ;)