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8 December 2012

Expected & unexpected new city guests

Hanoi : Some interesting winterers/migrants spotted last week (3rd -> 9th Dec.) in different wooded patches, not more than 10km from the city center.

-White-tailed Robin (Lenin Park, FIPI)
- Rufous-tailed Robin (Lenin Park + FIPI)
- White-throated Rock Thrush female (Lenin Park the 6th December), 1 late migrant. At Hanoi, very few sightings of this species during the autumn passage, more frequently seen in spring.
- Fujian Niltava (Lenin Park, orchard Vinh Thuy, FIPI + Bot. Gardens) - Interesting to notice that this species is present in ALL my patches !
- Small Niltava (FIPI) - A VIP guest at Hanoi!
- Red-flanked Bluetail (Bot. Gardens)
- Siberian Rubythroat (Lenin Park)
- 4 species of Thrushes (Scaly, Japanese, Grey-backed, Orange-headed) - Japanese T. is the commonest species, present in all the patches
- Taiga Flycatcher (Lenin Park, orchard Vinh Thuy, Bot. Gardens + FIPI)
- Black-naped Monarch (FIPI) - 1 late migrant
- Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher (Lenin Park, Bot. Gardens + FIPI)
- Crested Goshawk (FIPI)
- Light-vented Bulbul (orchard Vinh Thuy)
- Phyllosc Warblers (Dusky, Radde's, Yellow-browed, Pallas's, "Blyth's")
- Thick-billed Warbler (Lenin Park, orchard Vinh Thuy)
- Eurasian Woodcock (FIPI) - 2 flushed

Small Niltava
During the winter months, this strict montane bird sometimes shifts to lower elevations. It is a scarce visitor at Hanoi. Moves lower inside denser vegetation, more skulking in habit than other Niltavas. Photos taken at the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI), in a nice patch of 2 ha of good forest (only 10km from the city center). Many thanks to John Parr who show me this place !

female Orange-headed Thrush

Scaly Thrush

female Japanese Thrush

male Japanese Thrush feeding in a fruiting tree

female Red-flanked Bluetail 

"Blyth's Leaf Warbler" with a tiny prey in its bill 

A bit of video of the Crested Goshawk spotted at the FIPI


  1. Some super records here, Small Niltava especially.


  2. Hello. I am a very keen birder and I am in Hanoi. Do you have the time or interest in going out birding tomorrow? You can reach me at my email; uofgtwitcher@msn.com

    I am staying at the Central Backpackers Hostal.