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23 October 2012

More migrants and winter visitors

Hi all,

Below some photos taken recently at HANOI. Nothing very special, except a migrant Oriental Scops Owl in a lychee orchard at Vinh Thuy - a lifer for me! I am rather lucky with owls I think...

Passage migrants included leucogenis Ashy Drongos, Spangled Drongos, Ashy Minivets, Black-naped Orioles, obviously less Flycatchers than 2 weeks ago (but the first Grey-headed Canary Flys of the autumn around the 10th October, now they are everywhere), Orange-headed Thrushes (3 together), Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, Black-browed Reed Warblers, Raddle's Warblers, Thick-billed Warblers,...

Winter visitors increased in numbers included Yellow-browed Warblers, Brown Shrikes, Siberian Stonechats, Grey Bushchats, Dusky Warblers... 

 Oriental Scops Owl.
According to Hung, the peak migration for this species in northern Vietnam is now (third week of October).

Orange-headed Thrush

Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher. Always spotted in small flocks.

female Grey Bushchat

 Black-browed Reed Warbler skulking in scrubs not far from water

1cy Asian Brown Flycatcher (?) feeding in a fruiting tree

Radde's Warbler

1cy Black-naped Oriole

Siberian Stonechat (scratching its head...)

Ashy Minivet

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  1. Hi,

    I think the bird photographed and labeled as Asian Brown Fly in this post is actually a Dark-sided Fly.

    Best wishes