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25 September 2012

More Asian Openbill in North Vietnam

Dear All!

Sunday 23 Sep, I had the chance taking some school childrens visit Dao Co Thanh Mien at Thanh Mien District, Hai Duong Province (about 80 km from Hanoi). I was a little bit surprise with about 250 Asian Openbill roosting at the garden with very peaceful even many visitors around them.

An adult-non breeding individual

Very peaceful group


Even on the top of a small pagoda

Hung Le


  1. Awesome, Hung! This is Vietnam as we love it, and as it should be everywhere. Very nice record!

  2. Great shots Hung !
    Yes, this "Egret garden" ("Vườn Cò") is one of the few examples of harmony, peaceful cohabitation between birds and humans around Hanoi.
    More than 10.000 birds at some periods of the year, 9 species of Ardeidae.


  3. Em Hung oi,

    I don't have my password to the blog any more. I wanted to let you know that I (or rather Kien) spotted a flock of 100 Asian Openbills 3 km north of the Thanh Long bridge on the way to the airport this morning. The birds were circling at 7.45 am. This is the first time I have seen the species in Hanoi, and they are clearly spreading from the breeding colony at Prek Toal, where numbers are increasing. Any evidence of breeding in N Vietnam or is this just post-breeding dispersal from Tonle Sap?

    Jack Tordoff