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27 August 2012

Welcome back, guys, we've missed you!

Excellent start to the autumn's migration at Hanoi (in 3 different small patches) with 4-5 Yellow-rumped Flys (including 1 male), 1 Phyllos non ID, 2 Asian Paradise Flys, 4 Forest Wagtails (together), 1 Tiger Shrike juv, 1 Asian Brown Fly, 1 Hainan Blue Fly.
After 3 months admiring Red-wiskered Bulbuls and Sparrows, we are all happy!

 Forest Wagtail (Gia Lam, 23th August)

Asian Brown Flycatcher (Gia Lam, 23th August)

Tiger Shrike juv/1st winter (Lenin Park, 23th August)

Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Gia Lam, 26th August). The blackish throat contrasting with the grey breast and belly indicates that this is the migrant race, incei.

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher female (Gia Lam, 22th August), feeding on... fruits


  1. Great to see some migrants again!


  2. Nice report with cracking images, especially the Forest Wagtail. The race incei of APF looks stunning in good light too.

  3. Thanks Ayuwatt, but yours are a bit better I would say!

    Hey Simon, I recently spotted a Pied Bushchat at Hanoi (Red River). Could it be a vagrant coming from southern China ? Because I read somewhere that some populations show seasonal movements.

  4. Great to see the blog active again! Great shots Sebastien.


  5. Salam aleikum Wayne, life in Quatar is good ? Many Flycatchers flying around ?
    Well, I cannot let this blog dying, even if I am the last contributor.

    For all the readers : this is not "my" or "our" blog but the one of all birders based in Vietnam, and those visiting Vietnam, to share sightings and information.
    This place need contributors!!

    If not, I warn you, you will have to bear Flycatchers - and Thrushes if you are lucky - during months !


  6. Good call Seb! There are birders with good observations and photos around in Vietnam (Hung! Luyen! ;) ) and there must be more birders we don't know yet.. So come on guys post your stuff!

    But anyway, very much looking forward to see Sebastiens Flycatchers, Thrushes, Owls, Waders and Mergansers again!


  7. Hi Florian,
    Hope to see you next year for a new trip!
    Mergansers again, er... maybe not. But 1 or 2 goodies for this autumn's migration, I hope so !


  8. Hey all,

    I'm from Sydney, Australia and will be in Vietnam (Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, Vung Tau) for two weeks in September/October. Being a culture/history oriented trip, I wont have much chance to do any birding (being the only birder in the group) so I'd love to get an idea of what some of the commoner urban species (and autumn passage migrants) in Vietnam are. I'm a VERY keen birder so I'll be making the most of the short time I have in 'good habitat' at My Son, for example.

    Kindest regards,

    Max Breckenridge

  9. Hi Max,

    To get a good idea of what it is possible to spot during the automn`s migration, please check the posts of this blog for the months of sept, oct and nov. Many posts concern the 2 two
    biggest hanoian`s parks (Lenin and Botanical Garden) and also some patches outside the city (2-3km from Hanoi downtown).

    Concerning the resident birds, the list is very very short!... That`s why the summer is a difficult season for local birders...


    PS : those remarks concern only Hanoi.
    At Hoi An, Saigon, Vung Tau, there are some nice birding spots along the coast (Can Gio for example, two hours by car from Ho Chi Minh-City downtown).

  10. Awesome Seb - go for it!
    I definitely keep watching...

  11. hello,

    I've just moved to Hanoi from the UK for three years and am a v keen birder but a complete novice on Vietnamese birds. If you are out and about in Hanoi at weekends and and would welcome a newbie tagging along, let me know!