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27 August 2010

Flycatchers are back in Hanoi !

Hi all !
Short stroll in the Botanical Garden (27th August).

Seen 1 Paradise-Flycatcher sp. female (just a glimpse, cannot rule out the possibility of the Japanese PF at this period of the year), 1 Yellow-Rumped Flycatcher female (1 photo on the left) and 1 "unknown" Muscicapa Flycatcher (2 photos above).
I think it's the Brown-Breasted F :

-brown warm above
-pale brown breast
-greyish head
-conspicuous white eye ring
-flesh colored legs, which seems to be an other good diagnostic feature (although not mentioned in the Robson). All the other Muscicapa Flycatchers of the Southeast Asia have blackish legs.

Well, Brown-Breasted Flycatcher or not ??
Need the opinions of the Vietnam's finest birders !!!



  1. Hi, I went there Sat. 28.8 to look for your Flycatchers. Did not find the Brown-breasted, but there where 2 stunning male Yellow-rumped Flycatchers in addition to the female. Nice!

  2. Guess it was just a one day bird. Anyway, great find Sebastian!