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26 July 2010

Van Long NR

Hello everyone,

a weekend trip (24th - 25th) to Van Long / Cuc Phuong produced the following (amongst others)..

En route the HCM-Higway - 5 Ashy Woodswallows, 4 Long-tailed Shrikes, 1 female-type Circus sp. near Xuan May.

Van Long - 1 Little Cormorant, 1 Lesser Whistling Duck, 5 White-browed Crakes, 2 Purple Swamphens, 6 Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, 1 Cinnamon Bittern, ~ 15 Yellow Bitterns (estimated), 1 White-shouldered Starling
+ 1 family group Delacour's Langurs.

Nothing of particular interest in Cuc Phuong.

Last night 1 Barn Owl flying over Café Joma, Tay Ho District.

The record of the Little Cormorant at Van Long seems to be quite interesting as I've never had this species there before. Does anyone know of recent records of this species in Northern Vietnam?


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